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Perhaps you are familiar with the above zone - you may have experienced it only briefly at some time in your life or perhaps you have found yourself going back there more than you'd like. Some of us could have experienced a mild version of it over items that are of passing importance in our lives - while for some, it may be affecting, directly or indirectly, the achievement of some of our primary goals and aspirations.

In either case, it is useful to review and recognize the energy and motivation-sapping cycle of avoidance, temporary relief and fear (or in some cases, a mild yet potent apprehension) and it's incidence in our lives. Like getting caught in a swirling current, it takes a lot of personal strength & expertise, or sometimes a little help from someone outside the vortex, to break out of it's malignant grip. Like other malignancies, we may not consider it a big deal or a problem until the effects of it are very visible and painful - at which time attempting to come out of it becomes, unfortunately, a much greater challenge.

Thus, while we need to focus on the positive and the development of productive patterns - which ultimately are key to achieving our goals - we need to be aware of the reality of the Discomfort Zone and act quickly, with help from others as appropriate, when we realize that we are falling into that self-defeating cycle.  

Note: While undergoing thorough and time-taking analysis to understand how you fell into that cycle may be preferred by some, we believe it is important, first and foremost, to initiate action to get out of the cycle. Then from a secure footing outside the zone, with time left over from addressing your current top priorities, you can identify some causative factors with the sole purpose of using that knowledge to avoid falling into the vortex again.

Like a child learning to walk, it is far more useful to thoroughly learn how to get up promptly & more or less cheerfully after each fall - than to be explained the details of falling and urged not to fall - especially when s/he is still down!  In the real world, the child will inevitably fall several times before s/he starts walking confidently and competently! And after that, there will be a similar adventure for running, then jumping ....and so on!



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