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This section lists the various offerings (including the specific areas of coaching and training) that are available to you to support your search for increased personal effectiveness, enhanced skills, and authentic success.

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Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.
Sun Tzu






It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best.
W. Edwards Deming







What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind.
The Buddha











Our offerings include the following:

  • Coaching & Training Programs
  • Speaking / Presentations
  • Group Facilitation (Strategy, Brainstorming, Problem Solving, Operational Review)
  • Training Courses & Workshops
  • Art of Success Products
  • Online Resources & Web Forum     


 Personalized One-on-One Coaching and Training

To help you attain greater effectiveness and success
in the key areas of your life:

    ►  Personal Goals
    ►  Professional Goals
    ►  Entrepreneurship/Business Goals
    ►  Relationship (Family & Friends) Goals
    ►  Societal/Altruistic Goals


Master the ABCDs of successfully managing your life:

current issues & opportunities, strengths & improvement areas, your patterns.

up your skills & strengths -- and Break unproductive patterns.

your goals and aspirations -- and Create specific short and long term plans.

insights/ lessons from reflection / study -- and Direct your efforts strategically.

  To view the specific areas covered by our coaching and training programs - please visit the Areas of Personal Development page.      
 Speaking / Presentations

Speeches and presentations that inspire and inform on key topics surrounding personal and organizational effectiveness - innovation, creativity, continuous improvement (incremental and radical), change management.  

Please contact us to set up a tailored program that matches your specific event needs and audience.

 Group Facilitation (Strategy, Brainstorming, Problem Solving, Operational Review & Planning)

Whether it is a meeting of top-level executives, department heads, or operational team members/employees or a mix of them, an experienced and skilled facilitator can make a tremendous difference ensuring that the group session is very productive and maximizing the returns from the time invested.

Please contact us to set up a tailored engagement that matches your specific facilitation needs.

 Training Courses & Workshops

Training Courses and Workshops are scheduled from time to time. We also develop and conduct these sessions in response to specific requests from organizations.

 Please contact us with your specific needs and organizational details.

 Art of Success Products

We are in the process of creating a new line of products that are aimed at helping you manage your life and maintain your focus and commitment on reinventing yourself and achieving authentic success in your life.  

We currently have tastefully designed Art of Success merchandize on sale in our Gift Shop - items that are very effective at reminding you of your resolve to overcome your past patterns and create a fulfilling future.

 Online Resources and Web Forum

To support your efforts in learning and applying the Art of Success, we have created a Resources section with references to key concepts, articles, books and other useful internet resources.

In response to regular requests, we will be adding a Web Forum where you can share your experiences and lessons from your personal journey of success.



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